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  • Get independent data for the products.
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Help improve research, and get a FULL REFUND in exchange for your product validation data!

As a scientist, you may have noticed that most commercially available antibodies lack critical validation data.

We recognize that data on performance and efficacy is the most important factor when choosing a reagent.  This is why we kick-started the independent validation initiative (IVI).

How It Works:

The independent validation initiative is an industry cooperative effort to put high-quality research tools into the hands of talented and experienced scientists.

The process is simple. Send us validation data for a product you purchased at antibodies-online, and we'll refund the purchase price in full.

Want to see if the experiment you're planning qualifies?  Complete a validation proposal below to get started.

Once your experiment is complete, and your data is reviewed by our staff scientists, we will publish it on our site to help other researchers make an informed decision about that product. In exchange, you’ll receive a complete refund for any validated product (regardless of whether it passed or failed).

Submit Your Proposal

antibodies-online will offer a full refund for approved validation proposals only. Refunds will be issued once submitted validation data has been reviewed and approved.  Not all validation proposals will be approved, antibodies-online reserves the right to reject validation data if it does not meet our standards, or the agreed upon qualifications and criteria.  Participants agree to allow antibodies-online or its partners to view, edit, modify, and/or share any data submitted immediately and in perpetuity.

Rules and Restrictions

Validation Proposal

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